English & Sports Camp in Alicante, Spain 2018

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English classes, a wide variety of sport and leisure activities, entertaining excursions, new  friends, fun and the best summer experience.

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DATES: 2-4 weeks in July
AGE:  6-17 years
PLACE: King’s College Alicante, Madrid


We have designed a unique and exciting programme that combines learning English with practising sports. Our camp represents the perfect opportunity for improving your English while engaging in a wide range of sports and leisure activities. Can you imagine studying English and doing something you love at the same time? Sports, artistic and recreational activities are fundamental to our programme which goes beyond language learning to foster the student’s personal and social growth through the development of skills such as self-discipline and teamwork.

THE PROGRAMME: Make the most of your experience

The camp is designed to achieve a perfect balance between recreation and educational rigour so that our students can make the most of their course in English. Students are grouped according to age and English level from the start in order to ensure that they will make the most of their time here and enjoy both their classes and activities.

We offer two options:

Camp hours are from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The first option consists of 15 sessions  of English per week, with 3 sessions taught each day; these include activities for the development and improvement of reading, oral skills, writing and conversation, as well as sports and other activities that are carried out entirely in English.

Camp hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The second option consists of 20 sessions of English per week. In addition to the 3 morning sessions of English and other educational activities, the programme includes a 4th session in which the student’s acquired language skills are further reinforced. He or she will attend a project class in which students participate as a team in the development of a newspaper, a model, etc. Additional activities include sports, workshops, games, etc. that are organised during free time.



English is taught daily throughout camp. We pay special attention to the students’ perfection and mastery of the four language skills (listening, writing, reading and speaking), while working creatively through games, songs, crafts and other projects that imply the use of new technologies inside and outside the classroom.

Our faculty is made up of native English-speaking teachers who are in charge of making the classes dynamic, entertaining and pleasant so that learning will take place more naturally. King’s method is based primarily on oral communication, although grammar, reading and writing are also fundamental to our programme.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday and are taught in small groups organised according to age and English level based on an online test that students must complete before arrival to camp.

Once the camp session has come to an end, parents will receive a personalised report regarding the progress that their children have made throughout the programme.



The King’s College School of Alicante is the perfect enclave for our camp programmes. Our excellent reputation is your guarantee that your child will learn the English language.

Our facilities are at the technological and educational forefront. We offer state-of-the-art science and computer labs, music rooms and an auditorium for events, as well as an extensive infrastructure for sports.


  • Football pitch with artificial turf
  • Indoor football hall
  • Tennis courts
  • Other sports courts
  • Indoor gymnasium


  • Infirmary
  • Science and computer labs
  • Library
  • Art studio
  • Dining room



We have designed our programme so that students will participate in the largest number of sports, workshops and recreational activities possible according to their different age groups. Activities are carried out at our camp to make their immersion in English a pleasant and natural process. Our objective is to foster language learning through creative activities during which they will lose any fear of speaking English and develop personal communication skills. Experience has taught us that the best way to learn is through daily practise.


The sports and activities programme includes tennis, football, cooking classes, music, art and water fights, among others.





3 – 7 July 3 – 14 July 3 – 21 July 3 – 28 July
10 – 14 July 10 – 21 July 10 – 28 July
17 – 21 July 17 – 28 July
24 – 28 July


  • Native English-speaking teachers
  • Certified native and bilingual assistants.
  • Mid-morning snack and lunch (Full day)
  • 15 English sessions per week/20 English sessions per week (Full day)
  • Programme of activities: Sports, music, cooking, workshops and… much more
  • All materials
  • Personal attention
  • Blog
  • Multi-assistance insurance programme


  • Transportation Routes
  • Extended Hours: from 8:30am to 9:00am


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