English Camp for Infants in Alicante, Spain 2018

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Your first great step towards bilingualism! Fun and maximum safety at all times!

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DATES: 1-4 weeks in July
AGE:  3-6 years
PLACE: King’s College School in Alicante, Spain


We have designed a unique and exciting programme for small children that combines learning English with sports. At our day camp in English, they will enjoy a pleasant and stimulating environment and take part in a wide range of activities that will further their English learning. Our team of professionals will follow an excellent recreational and educational programme that has been specially designed to encourage the personal and social development of children between 3 and 6 years of age. We know that children’s education largely determines their growth into mature adults, therefore we pay special attention to areas that are vital to living in harmony with others, both now and in the future, such as education pertaining to health and the environment. Our staff will work at all times to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and, for this reason, every class has both a teacher and an assistant.

The Programme

Our camp offers two options to adapt to all the student’s needs. Our classes are structured to include daily recreation, in addition to outdoor activities (weather permitting) programmed by the faculty so that the children will make the most of their experience here.

The camp from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM is made up of 15 sessions of English per week, with 3 sessions taught each day; these include activities for the development and improvement of English. A wide range of educational possibilities is complemented by sports and other activities that are carried out entirely in English.

The camp from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM is made up of 20 sessions of English per week. In addition to the 3 morning sessions of English and other educational activities, the programme includes a 4th session of English in which the student’s acquired language skills are further reinforced. These include sports, workshops, games, etc. that are organised during free time.




We work hard to create a pleasant and stimulating environment using a creative approach that is based upon the use of stories, crafts, theatre and dance. Our experienced native English-speaking teachers guide the learning process and employ interaction and language practise as unconscious mechanisms for language learning.



We have carefully designed an interactive and practical programme to help children develop their motor, cognitive and creative skills within a relaxed environment in which they are in constant contact with English.



King’s College School in Alicante is the perfect enclave for our camp programmes. Our excellent reputation is your guarantee that your child will learn the English language.

Our facilities are at the technological and educational forefront. We provide state-of-the-art science and computer labs, music rooms and an auditorium for events, as well as modern sports facilities.






3 – 7 July 3 – 14 July 3 – 21 July 3 – 28 July
10 – 14 July 10 – 21 July 10 – 28 July
17 – 21 July 17 – 28 July
24 – 28 July


  • Native English-speaking teachers
  • Certified Native and bilingual monitors
  • Mid-morning snack and lunch (Full day)
  • 15 English sessions weekly/20 English sessions weekly (Full day)
  • Programme of activities: Sports, music, cooking, workshops and… much more
  • All materials
  • Personal attention
  • Blog
  • Multi-assistance insurance policy


  • Transportation Routes
  • Extended Hours: from 8:30am to 9:00am


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