English camp for Infants in La Moraleja,
Madrid, Spain 2021

Your first great step towards bilingualism! Fun and maximum safety at all times!

DATES:  1-5 weeks starting in June and finishing in July
AGE:  2-5 years 
PLACE: Bristish school King’s College La Moraleja, Madrid

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A camp in which the little ones can enjoy the summer and be fully introduced to the language. English learning is developed in stimulating surroundings where a playful and didactic programme is taught, in which the main pillars are music and psychomotricity.  Designed especially for the youngest members of the family, our goal beyond that of delving into the language of the British, lies in in fostering children’s personal and social development, with special emphasis on work areas that are essential for successful current and future coexistence, such as environmental education and health. Our personnel work at all times to ensure the little ones’ welfare and security, which is why each class has a teacher and the support of a monitor. Music is an integrated part of the programme because it provides an excellent means for learning the language; for this reason the children have many different musical activities, in addition to at least one gym class a week. We believe that the best route to learning English is in a practical and playful way, which is why we promote development of the arts and sport. All our classes follow a structured daily programme with a minimum of one break per day, in addition to outdoor activities scheduled by the teacher (whenever time permits) to complete the experience of our students. The little ones (3-4 years old) may have a nap if the teacher considers it appropriate


We work to create a pleasant and stimulating environment using a creative methodology based on the use of practical teaching methods such as, story telling, crafts, educational games or music. As a mechanism for acquiring language without even realizing it, we have the experience and competence of native teachers in charge of developing practice and interaction based learning.


We have developed a thorough interactive and practical programme where children can develop their creative, motor and cognitive abilities in a playful environment, while constantly exposed to English

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The college is located in the residential complex of La Moraleja de Madrid. Inaugurated in the 07/08 academic year and of recognised prestige for its high academic level, this school emerges as a consequence of the quoted educational system of King’s College centres and the great educational demand among the students. Its renovated and modern facilities have the capacity to accommodate 500 students aged 3 to 14 years; its multi-purpose tracks, a library, a laboratory and its large dining room stand out.

Day Camps


29th of June – 10th of July
6th – 17th of July
13th – 24th of July
20th – 31st of July


29th of June – 17th of July
6th – 24th of July
13th – 31st of July


29th of June – 24th of July
6th – 31st of July


27th – 31st of July


  • Native teachers
  • Fully qualified bilingual monitors
  • Mid-morning snack and lunch
  • More than 10 English classes per week
  • All material
  • Personalised attention
  • Complete insurance coverage
  • Class Dojo


  • EXTENDED HOURS: from 08:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 18:00