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Drama Camp and English

Improve your English and become a star of a play or a musical. The camp includes stage preparation sessions, sets and props, costumes, body expression…

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DATES: 1-4 weeks in July
AGE: 6 -16 years
CAMP: DAY CAMP (from 9.00 a.m – 17.00 p.m)
PLACE: Bristish school King’s College La Moraleja, Madrid


After the success of last year’ King’s Got Talent, we again offer the opportunity to participate in this programme to all students who want to enjoy and experience the best of our dynamic theatre camp in English. We distribute our programme over 4 weeks, varying the theme, activities and performances weekly with the aim of guaranteeing entertainment and fun for those students who wish to do our interpretation course during an extended stay.

It is an inspiring and innovative summer camp designed for those students who may want to venture onto the world stage in English. This programme provides for a magnificent opportunity to learn and interpret in English, directed by our team of native teachers.

At King’s College we encourage and stimulate the development of our students’ confidence, as well as the improvement of communication skills and self-esteem through performance and visual art.

Participants will enjoy 4 blocks of theatre per day, doing various activities such as interpretation, rehearsal script, miming, performing, scenery creation, breathing, singing and dancing. The future actors and actresses will be directed by professionals dedicated to the subject, who during the school year work in our school. In addition, the children will learn personal and social values that promote their ability to work and their ability to coordinate as a team, as well as an attitude of respect and comradeship



Our students enjoy 4 blocks of theatre per day, practising all the variations such as interpretation, script rehearsal, miming, performing, scenery creation, breathing, singing and dancing, among other things. The future actors and actresses rehearse under the guidance of professionals dedicated to the subject in our schools.

The students will learn the values, both personal and social, that encourage group work and team cooperation, as well as mutual respect and integration of all peers.


Our programme will vary its subject depending on the week:

WEEK 1 – Comedy Romance: This course will explore the source of comedy in its many forms. Students will develop diverse comedy workshops with the objective of learning from all areas: Through songs, dances and improvisational theatre games; all in addition to the comedy techniques learned in a short-run production of the famous Shakespearean romantic tragedy, ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

2nd WEEK – Thriller: during this course, students will be involved in the crazy production of a short thriller film based on an intriguing story of zombies and ghosts, where techniques will be introduced to make scary themed costumes, learn to apply stage makeup, improvise sounds with their tummies and above all, improve their self confidence in front of their peers and teachers.

3rd WEEK – Adventure and Action: What makes an action movie? A magnificent hero with genuine skills, a fun companion who performs impossible feats, car chases, dangerous weapons, epic battle sequences and of course, a villain. Students will face the challenge of working with all these elements and transforming a classic tale into an epic film full of action. Success will be the backdrop against which students will incorporate a song, dance choreography and their theatrical script.

4th WEEK – Murder Mystery: Who killed Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the kitchen? It could be anyone! Everyone is a suspect! The students will explore the crime by being involved in a mysterious murder where the culprit is present. They will use their ingenuity and their acting skills to prove their innocence, while also trying to convince their colleagues who the real killer is.


At King’s our goal lies in creating and encouraging the development of a work environment ideal for internalising the language and for developing a student’s abilities, which is the reason we have one specialised teacher for every 15 students.  Dedication, engagement and experience are essential requirements among our teachers, with the purpose of enabling all our students to develop to their fullest potential.

The English and theatre classes are based on oral communication, without neglecting aspects such as grammar, reading and writing. We count on the experience and competence of native teachers, who are responsible for implementing a methodology based on practice and interactive learning, as a mechanism for acquiring language without even realizing it. In addition, our main objective is to promote the pupils’ confidence when speaking English, as the best way to master the language. Our classes run from Monday to Friday and are taught in small groups formed on the basis of age and English level given by the result of an online test our students will be required to do after registration.



The college is located in the residential complex of La Moraleja, Madrid. Inaugurated in the 07/08 academic year and of recognised prestige for its high academic level, this school emerges as a consequence of the quoted educational system of King’s College centres and the great educational demand among the students. Its renovated and modern facilities have the capacity to accommodate 500 students aged 3 to 14 years, highlighting its tracks, multi-purpose area, a library, a laboratory and its large dining room.


  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Dining room
  • Multi-purpose track





3 – 7 July 3 – 14 July 3 – 21 July 3 – 28 July
10 – 14 July 10 – 21 July 10 – 28 July
17 – 21 July 17 – 28 July
24 – 28 July


  • Native professionals in dance, song, etc.
  • Mid-morning snack and lunch
  • More than 10 English classes per week
  • All materials and costumes
  • Personalised attention
  • Full insurance cover
  • Blog
  • Class Dojo


  • EXTENDED HOURS: 08:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 18:00.


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