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Drama Camp and English

Improve your English and become a star of a play or a musical. The camp includes stage preparation sessions, sets and props, costumes, body expression…

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DATES: 1-4 weeks in July
AGE: 6 -15 years
CAMP:  DAY CAMP (from 9.00 a.m – 16.00 p.m)
PLACE: Bristish school King’s College Murcia


Following the success last year of King’s Got Talent at our school in Soto de Viñuelas (Madrid), we are offering students the opportunity to participate in our dynamic theatre camp in English at Kings College Murcia. Our programme will be carried out over four weeks. Subject matter, activities and performances will vary weekly in order to ensure that the students who want to do our acting course over a more prolongued period of time will enjoy a rich and entertaining experience.

This is an inspiring and innovative summer camp directed towards those pupils who want to delve in into the world of acting in English. This is a magnificent opportunity to learn and perform in English under the guidance of our team of native English-speaking teachers.

At King’s College we stimulate self-confidence in our students and encourage the improvement of their communication skills and self-esteem through acting and the visual arts.

Students will participate in 3 blocks of activities each day that include acting, script rehearsal, mime, set decoration, breathing exercises, singing and dance. The future actors and actresses will be supervised by a specialised professional who works at our school during the academic year. Moreover, the students will learn personal and social values that will reinforce their ability to participate in teams, as well as mutual respect and fellowship.



Weekly Programming

Our programme’s themes vary each week:

1st Week – Comedy Romance: This course will explore comedy in depth. Students will participate in a variety of workshops to learn about its many facets through song, dance, games and theatrical improvisation. In addition, they will study the comic devices employed in a short production of Shakespeare’s famous romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

2nd Week – Thriller: During this course students will participate in the mad production of a short film or thriller based on an intriguing story about zombies and ghosts during which they will make scary costumes, learn makeup techniques, improvise sounds (with their stomachs) and, above all, acquire self-confidence in the presence of their classmates and teachers. 

3rd Week – Adventure and Action: What to do in an action film? A  fantastic hero with amazing powers, a funny companion who carries out unbelievable feats, car chases, dangerous weapons, epic battle sequences and, of course, a villain. Students will take on the challenge of working with all of these elements and transform a classic into an action-filled super production. For this, students will write a script, create songs, choreographic dances…

4th Week – Murder Mystery: Who killed Mr. Mustard with a candlestick in the kitchen? It could be anyone! Everyone looks suspicious! Students will investigate the crime after seeing themselves involved in a mysterious murder in which the guilty party is present. They will have to use their acting skills to show their innocence while trying to discover the identity of the real murderer.


Our goal is to create and encourage the development of a work environment that is ideal for interiorising the language and developing the students’ skills. For this reason we have a specialized professor for every 15 students. Dedication, commitment and experience are indispensable requirements for our teachers, whose job it is to develop their students’ utmost potential.

The English and theatre classes are based on oral communication, although we also emphasize grammar, reading and writing. Our experienced and highly competent native English-speaking teachers are in charge of applying a methodology based on interactive learning as a mechanism for unconscious language acquisition. We consider that encouraging self-confidence in the students when speaking English is the best way for them to master the language.

Our classes take place Monday through Friday and are taught in small groups that are formed according to age and English level, which is determined by an on online test that must be completed by the student before arrival at camp.



Our King’s College school in Murcia is the perfect enclave for our theatre camp. Located in Polaris World’s Torre Golf Resort, its facilities are at the technological and educational forefront, offering a large multi-use court that can be used for a variety of sports, a library, modern science and computer labs, numerous music rooms and, above all, a wonderful art gallery.

Sports Facilites:

• Football pitch with artificial turf
• Tennis courts
• Indoor gymnasium
• Multi-use sports courts

Other Services:

• Infirmary
• Computer lab
• Art studio
• Dining room



Our students will make exciting trips to the water parks in Cartagena,Terranatura and Aquanatura, and outings to one of the swimming pools in the Torre Golf Resort.





3 – 7 July 3 – 14 July 3 – 21 July 3 – 28 July
10 – 14 July 10 – 21 July 10 – 28 July
17 – 21 July 17 – 28 July
24 – 28 July


• Dance and singing classes with native English-speaking teachers
• Mid-morning snack and lunch
• 15 English and theatre classes per week
• All costumes and other materials
• Personal attention
• Multi-assistance insurance policy
• Camp Blog


• Transportation routes: The routes are fixed and cannot be modified
• Extended hours: from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM (with breakfast at 8:30) and from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM


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